star treck exhibition
science museum - london

"Partially due to the fierce competition to win this unique project we were only given 10 days to design – supply – install and commission the lighting system for the star trek exhibition at the science museum.

The exhibition was divided into sections by theatrical gauzes to display props, costumes, gadgets, widgets and elements of the set including the bridge of the starship enterprise.

We lit this exhibition with AR111 lamps installed at high level to provide accent light for the exhibits below and with profile projectors lighting the gauzes with gobos and with elements of colour.

This was a fraught, fast track exhibition loaded with incredible objects to light. We relied on high contrasts of light and shade combined with colour and projection. I will never forget the long line of Trekkies dressed up for the occasion to be interviewed as potential show attendants and nor shall I forget being authorised to sit in the captain's hot seat on the bridge of the enterprise.”

Credit Henry Lowe

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