the royal academy of arts

"Along with five leading lighting manufacturers we were invited to compete in the development of a range of lighting fittings and accessories to be installed on the engineered lighting suspension system that was specially designed for the galleries in the Royal Academy of Arts. The advantage of our considerable experience, understanding of the practical requirements and being in a position to develop a range of specialist lighting fittings for the project, eventually beat off the competition. We invested considerable time and energy working with our client to ensure that the lighting fittings would be reliable, functional, suit the requirements of the suspension system and blend in with the architectural surroundings. The result of the competition was the birth of the RayLight range of fittings that were designed for the low voltage AR111 100watt max range of lamps and the Q250 Par 38 120 volt lamps. The lighting fittings were designed for single handed focus, had integral transformers, integral on board dimming and a host of filters, louvres, scrims and accessories that could be retained in the fittings with either an in-ring holder or a cassette holder.

I am really proud to have been actively involved in this project. This was the first time that Light Projects designed a range of fittings with their in house design department and the independent product design consultancy, Factory, in conjunction with our client’s architect and lighting designer. The RayLight range has been used by lighting designers around the world, has been specified for many prestigious projects and won several international lighting product awards. In my opinion the RayLight is one of the best ranges of display lighting fittings available today!”




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